Around the Village

This page will let everyone know the projects which are going on around the village and which we plan on doing. If a project interests you and you would like to help out, feel free to reach out to us.

Ongoing Projects (completed projects in Green):

  • General Store Floor Rebuild
  • Finish Path to the Memory Garden (Cemetery)
  • Finish Path to the Native American Village
  • Finish Path from the Kitchen to the Bullskin Inn
  • New Bridge from the Kitchen to the Bullskin Inn - Ongoing
  • Inspection and Rebuilding of the Smokehouse - Ongoing
  • Re-establishing the Native American Village
  • Finish the signs around the village - Ongoing
  • New Sign for the Small Parking Lot announcing each event
  • Outhouse Renovation
  • Stone Walkway from Sugar Shack to Covered Bridge
  • Entry Stone walks to all buildings
  • Firewood Storage Shelters
  • New roof on the Collett Cabin
  • New roof on the back of the Meeting House
  • Plumbing redone inside the Rest Rooms
  • Replace bad logs in the TollHouse Cabin
  • Repair of the Heighway Cabin
  • New Camping Area established for Scout Troops - Ongoing
  • New Gate for Emergency Entrance -Ongoing
  • New Fire Pits
  • New Roof for Harkrader Barn
  • Fix Restrooms

Needed Projects:

  • Sap Collecting at the beginning of the year after Maple Trees have been Tapped
  • Weather Proofing of All of the Buildings
  • Roof Repair of the buildings in need
  • Spring House Repairs
  • Painting the Trim on each of the buildings
  • Wagon Restorations
  • New Floor for the Luken's Barn
  • Log Revitalization as needed on buildings
  • Firewood Splitting
  • Cleanup of the Ravines